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    Sensitive skin
    Toleridine™ patent
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Proven efficacy

Soothed skin: 95%.*

Sensibio Forte
  • Daily skincare

    Sensitive skin
    Toleridine™ patent
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A soothing treatment that quickly and lastingly relieves damaged skin
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  • Prescribed by dermatologists
    • Quickly relieves
    • Intensely soothes and moisturises
    • Lastingly restores skin comfort
    • Very good tolerance - Non-comedogenic - Unfragranced
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    Manufacturer Details:


    Address : Rue Pierre Bather Quarter Saint Hilaire, Pichaury 2 13855 AIX EN Province Cedex-3 France

    Country of Origin: France

    Importer Details:

    Importer : NAOS Skin Care India Pvt Ltd

    Address : D-605, Tower 2, L&T Seawoods, Seawoods West, Sector 40, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

    Country of Origin: 14631B

    Expiry Date: 31/05/2026

    What happens in your skin

    All BIODERMA products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS approach to respect the skin ecosystem and preserve its health lastingly.

    Sensibio Forte quickly relieves biological reactive signs related to inflammation (rubbing, after shave rash, hair removal, peeling, post-laser, solar erythema, etc.) and increases the skin's tolerance threshold.
    Its soothing active ingredients, including allantoin and a high concentration of enoxolone, quickly relieve reactive signs such as redness and overheating.
    The D.A.F.™ (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) patented natural complex makes the skin less reactive.
    Beeswax and Xylitol, moisturising agents found in Sensibio Forte, combat the skin dehydration that often accompanies irritation and thus lastingly restore skin comfort.

    Usage advices


    Morning and evening and possibly 3 times a day in the event of intense redness and/or overheating.

    Step 1 Apply Sensibio Forte on your skin after cleansing.

    Step 2 Apply less frequently once your skin has improved.

    Do not apply to skin that is visibly irritated or oozing. Seek advice from a healthcare professional.

    Efficiency & composition

    • Better understanding for better care

      Sensitive skin is not able to play its role of protective barrier against irritants. Make-up, make-up removing, pollution, external stress, peeling, laser, rubbing, shave rash: the skin is weakened and tightened day in and day out. Sensitive skin expresses itself through feelings of heat, discomfort and widespread or localised redness. It becomes dehydrated easily and the ensuing dryness auto-maintains its fragility and leads to unpleasant feelings of tightness. Excessive skin sensitivity can be temporary or permanent.

      Tested under dermatological control
    • Immediate results


      Hydrated skin: 100%*


      Comfortable skin: 100%*

      Soothed skin: 95%*

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