Baby's Skin

Baby’s skin

At birth, the skin is still immature, which makes it more sensitive to stress. Aside from the dangers of the sun, the skin can also suffer from irritation caused by nappies or saliva. Care products for babies must be tailored to their fragile skin. Some infants can have very dry skin and a family disposition that makes them more at risk of atopic eczema. They therefore need specific care products to counter irritation and itching.

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An internet user’s question: Do children need to take a bath every evening? Should I wash their hair every time?

As long as your baby or child doesn’t have dry skin and hasn’t inherited any tendency to develop allergies, it is OK to give him a bath every night. You don’t have to wash his hair every day if he hasn’t gotten sweaty.
However, if he is prone to allergies, bathing him once every other night is enough (in order to protect the delicate skin barrier).

Dr Michèle Sayag, Allergist.

Daily skincare

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For who?

For all the family (except premature infants)

Daily skincare

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For who ?

For all the family (except premature infants)

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For who ?

For all the family (except premature infants)

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