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Skin Barrier Protection
Covid-19 : We care for your Skin Barrier

As NAOS dermatological laboratory, BIODERMA has always been committed to you, doctors and pharmacists. We wholeheartedly thank health care professionnals for their commitment and bravery. Taking care of you is taking care of them. That's why, more than ever, your skin must play its protective role. Bioderma cares for your skin barrier.

As barrier gestures have become our new daily life, you will find dermatological advice to help your skin adapt and continue to play its protective role. Because taking care of you is taking care of everyone. Bioderma stays by your side by caring for your skin barrier.

Discover more about Skin Barrier Protection during Covid-19 crisis

Take care of you and your family

New barrier gestures : take care of your hands and your skin under the mask

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